Piano & Singing

Jane Alabaster | Piano & Singing

Lessons are £20 per half hour

To book a lesson with me, please give me a call on 07908 598 794 or alternatively email me on janealabaster7820@hotmail.co.uk

Where were you born?

How long have you been playing your instrument?
52 years

Who do you teach? (i.e age range, ability etc)
Children and adults, all ages and all abilities.

What is your favourite chord?
Dominant 7/9th

Who are your musical influences?
All the classical greats (French,German, Russian, Hungarian composers). l went to Germany to study Carl Orff’s teaching methods and wrote 2 theses on him.

Top tip for learning to play your instrument?
Set aside a regular time to practice in a even temperate room with no distractions. Especially phone turned off!

Why should you learn to play an instrument?
Learn for pure enjoyment and satisfaction in making progress. It also keeps your brain active and is very therapeutic. Some of my previous students have gone onto work as professional musicians and study at Guildhall, as well as leading the children’s choir performed on Classic FM.

I began learning at 4 ½ years old – I went to the Royal Academy at age 11 as a junior exhibitioner having gained distinction Grade 5. From here went to do a 4 year graduate course at Trinity College London – the 4th year being Philosophy of Education at London University. I became head of music involving all aspects of class work: Choir; Training; A Levels etc. I then took time out for family before returning as a peripatetic in local primary schools: teaching piano; singing and choir training. I won numerous shields, cups and trophies with local music festivals, always with distinction + outstanding performances and soloists also with numerous cups etc. I now teach from One Man Band Music Academy. 

Nicola Harvey | Piano

Lessons are £19 per half hour

To book a lesson with me, please give me a call on 07980 907439 or alternatively email me on nicolarv1@btinternet.com

I have over 25 years experience of teaching piano, keyboard, and theory of music. I am classically trained with a background in many genres. I enjoy teaching a wide variety of styles and take students from complete beginner to advanced level in performance and theory.

The opportunity to take recognised grade examinations (Royal Schools of Music, Trinity) is always an option and encouraged, but by no means essential or required. Lessons are fun either way! My currents students range from 6 to 74 years of age but feel free to enquire if you exceed this.

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